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About Us

Square Trade Goods Co. was created and designed for individuals who want to be connected to the process, ingredients, and people behind the goods they purchase. Founded by Alan Long in 2012, our fragrances have always been hand-crafted in our Richmond, VA studio by our small and innovative team. We draw inspiration from nature and the world around us, always aiming to stay connected to the process. Our fragrances are designed to elevate your atmosphere without overpowering the senses. Square Trade Goods Co. is a brand committed to creating quality products that have a strong focus on clean lines and modern design that can live in any space.

Meet Our Shop

Our brick and mortar store Homme Essentials is the best place to find Square Trade Goods Co. in person, plus so much more. Our men's and home goods boutique in Richmond, VA is our newest project filled with all the brands and products we love. Come in store or shop online and find out what we are all about.

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